TV Interviews

  • October 2021: Bel Arabi podcast series : “What is a liberal economy or a free market economy? And why does it succeed?” (Listen on Spotify)
  • January 2021: Dr Nouh El Harmouzi in France 24 Arabic analysing the situation of the MENA Region 10 years after outbreak of the “Arab Spring”
  • December 2020 : Dr Nouh El Harmouzi comments on the rise of Mobile Banking in Morocco – Al oula (French part on YouTube)
  • October 2020: Dr. Nouh El Harmouzi on cash circulation development – Al Oula (Watch on YouTube).
  • March 2016: Radio interview on extremism and terrorism in the Arab and Muslim world, Radio New Zealand (watch on YouTube).
  • September 2015: Interview with Hanns Seidel Foundation’s magazine.
  • July 2019: Interview on France 24 TV “The economic situation during the 20 years of the reign of the king of Morocco Med 6. (watch on youtube).
  • August 2018: Interview in Akhbar Al Youm Newspaper “Which institution for Morocco”
  • August 2014: Participation in the “Hadith Al-Awasim”  program on France 24 channel about “15 years of the rule of King Mohammed VI” (watch on YouTube, part 1 part 2).
  • April 2014: Televised debate on France 24 Arabic in the program “Hadith Al Awassim” (Debate of Capitals) About “Poverty, intangible capital and the 15 years of reign of SM King Mohamed VI” (available on Youtube).
  • July 2014: Interview on France 24 TV “The record of Benkiran’s government after two and a half years in power
  • July 2014: Interview on Al Jazeera TV “Rising prices during Ramadan”
  • May 2014: Interview on Al Jazeera TV “The rent economy and the exploration of oil deposits in Morocco
  • March 2014: Interview on Al Mayadeen TV “The fundamentals of Moroccan’s economy.
  • December 2013: Interview on RTM TV “Public education gaps in Morocco”
  • September 2013: Interview on France 24 TV “The causes of revolt failure in the Arab world”
  • July 2012: Interview on Al Mayadeen TV “The state of Maghreb economy”
  • November 2011: Interview on France 24 TV “Euro crisis implication of the Arab world countries”
  • September 2011: Interview on France 24 TV “The causes of the Arab revolts”
  • October 2009: Interview on Nile TV “Economic liberty Audit in Egypt”
  • May 2009: Interview on Al Jazeera “Labor market gaps in MENA countries”
  • August 2008: Interview on BBC “The economic causes of coups in Africa”
  • April 2008: Interview on RMC France “Food crisis and riots in Africa”


  •  Interview with Akhbar Al-Youm Newspaper “Which institution for Morocco”. August 2nd, 2018.
  •  Interview: “Diversity in the Moroccan Economy”, CNN Arabic Website, May 07th, 2015
  •  Interview about the visit of the Qatari Emir to Morocco, Al Watan (Qatari newspaper), December 13th 2013
  •  Interview: “Reading in the evolution of economic policy in Morocco”, Al Massae (Moroccan newspaper), July
    15th 2013
  •  Interview: “Rent and the economy of corruption in Morocco”, Hespress (Moroccan web newspaper), September
    17th 2012
  •  Interview with David Martosko, editor-in-Chief of the daily Kohler (American journal), July 28th 2012
  •  Interview: “Social movement in Morocco”, Al-Rai (Kuwaiti newspaper), September 11th 2011
  •  Interview: “Reform of the compensation fund”, Al Massae (Moroccan newspaper), September 6 th , 2011
  •  Interview: “Economic effects of Morocco’s engagement in the initiative “Deauville” and the partnership with the
    Group of Eight most industrialized nations to support the democratic transition in the Arab world”, Rissalat Al
    Oumma (Moroccan newspaper), July 7th 2011.
  • Interview: “Rent, corruption and the transportation licenses issue” Al Massae (Moroccan newspaper), March
    13 th ,2011